Community clubs wrap up anti-litter campaign 07-24-08
No arrests yet made in factory arson case 07-28-08
Four arrests spawned by undercover drug investigation 07-28-08
Authorities investigate burglary incident 07-28-08
Wheel tax increase garners final vote 07-28-08
Metal thieves continue antics 07-29-08
Summertown resident reports four wheelers and trailer stolen 07-29-08
Drug bust yields arrest of two 07-31-08
Wife reports husband twice pointed gun at her 07-31-08
Iron City resident convicted of molesting six year old 07-31-08
Grand jury returns indictment in child rape case 07-31-08
Reward offered for info in Jones Apparel arsons 07-31-08
Wife reports husband twice pointed gun at her 07-31-08






























































































Vandals hit area church 07-02-08
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Lawrenceburg man assaulted during home invasion 07-01-08
Authorities continue to investigate gas drive offs 07-02-08
Mom and children assaulted by drunken boyfriend 07-08-08
Old Florence Road resident arrested for growing pot plants07-08-08
Resident reports fireworks prank 07-08-08
Resident surprises intruder inside home 07-08-08
Scorned ex backs into husband 07-08-08
Son arrested for beating driving father 07-08-08
Deputies bust suspect on several burglaries 07-08-08
Vandals hit old Iron City School 07-08-08
West Lawrence resident reports suspected identity theft case 07-08-08
Lawrence County’s New Green Machine 07-08-08
Assistant Police Chief retires 07-10-08
Inmate injured in escape attempt 07-10-08
Police officer recognized for service in Iraq 07-10-08
Rematch planned for city vs county blood drive 07-10-08
Market robber makes off with $11 07-14-08
Victims says she was not struck by car 07-14-08
New Industrial announcement to create 153 jobs 07-15-08
St Joseph leaders to hold special budget meeting 07-15-08
Preliminary hearing is set for man accused of killing brother 07-15-08
Resident charged with rape of a child released on bond 07-15-08
Husband threatens to kill childs father 07-17-08
Iron City resident among those arrested in Wayne drug bust 07-17-08
Mailbox vandals strike Leoma neighborhood 07-17-08
Economic impact of Precision Laser 07-19-08
Undercover drug operation yields arrest 07-21-08
Residents assaulted at yard sale 07-21-08
Scrappers charged with defacing antique vehicles 07-21-08
Arrestee charged with bringing firecrackers into jail 07-21-08
Thieves steal motorbike then abandon it in the street 07-21-08
Resident reports trees cut illegally 07-21-08
Additional charges against in connection with crime spree 07-21-08
Alarm company prevents burglary 07-22-08
Store employees chase down thief 07-22-08
Soldier is victim of identity theft 07-24-08
Resident airlifted after falling from roof 07-24-08
Woman awakes to find prowler standing over her 07-24-08
Lawrenceburg Council votes to lower property tax rate 07-24-08
Monday crash claims life of Ethridge resident 07-24-08
Authorities investigate phone sex involving Leoma juveniles 07-24-08