July 8, 2008

Deputies Bust Suspect On Several Burglaries

   The actions of a Good Samaritan have lead local law enforcement officials to charge a Summertown man in connection with a number of recent burglaries.

   Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies received notification around 3:00 p.m. last Thursday, July 3, that a silver Motorola Razr cell phone, previously reported stolen, had been returned to the rightful owner.

   Reports show that a woman had stopped by the victim’s 20 Crawfish Lane home to return the cell phone, telling the owner that Colton Skyler Rush, 19, of Summertown, had sold her the telephone for $60. In addition, she stated that she was scheduled to meet with him later because he wished to sell her a pink Motorola Razr cell phone. Deputies report they had initiated an investigation into the thefts of both cell phones from different homes on Crawfish Lane on July 1.

   After receiving the new information, deputies kept an eye open for the Rush. Reports show that they spotted him later in the day traveling northbound on Locust Avenue. Deputies approached Rush when he stopped in the parking lot of Handy Andy Market to meet with the woman.

   The woman told deputies she was there to purchase a cell phone. They indicate that a pink Razr was lying on the seat beside Rush. They requested that they be able to examine the phone and report he willingly handed it over.

   Deputies were able to look up the cell number, confirming that it had been stolen from 35 Crawfish Lane. At that point Rush was taken into custody and a cursory search of his vehicle conducted.

   Deputies report that a bag was found inside the car that contained two bottles of Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner. A receipt from Lawrence Farmers CoOp was also located inside the bag, however it listed items other than the cleaner. These items were nowhere to be found. When they contacted CoOp officials were told that the cleaner had been stolen.

   In the trunk, deputies report finding a red gear bag that contained fire department-issued turnout gear bearing the name of fireman Jared Ezell. Deputies note that Ezell had reported the items stolen on July 2.

   At that point Rush’s car was seized and taken to the county impound lot so that a complete inventory could be taken.

   Deputies report that Rush gave a verbal confession, admitting that he had stolen the cell phones, turnout gear, and the merchandise from CoOp. The items were estimated to have a combined value exceeding $2,500.

   Rush was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he was booked without incident on charges that include three counts of burglary and four counts of theft of property.  He will be required to answer the charges through Lawrence County General Sessions Court.