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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Third Phase of Operation Clean Sweep Conducted

Press release issued through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department:

   In the past few months drug agents with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Suppression Unite conducted the third phase of Operation Clean Sweep, which is the third phase of drug indictments issued against drug offenders in Lawrence County.

   Among those arrested in the past few months were:  Jerry Wayne Collier, arrested for two counts of sale of cocaine; David Scott Story, arrested for three counts of sale of Lortab and sale of Xanax; Story’s wife Mary Christine Gray, arrested for three counts of sale of Lortab and sale of Xanax; Richard Calvert, arrested for sale of marijuana; Edward D. Brown, arrested for possession of marijuana for resale; Johnny Gardner, arrested for sale of OxyContin; Tandelyn Hickman, arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia; James D. Moore, arrested for three counts of sale of OxyContin and TennCare fraud; Shawn Howell, arrested for three counts of sale of cocaine; Douglas Hughes, arrested for three counts of sale of OxyContin; Chad Odem, arrested for sale of methamphetamine; and Nicholas Gobble, arrested for sale of methamphetamine and sale of Dilaudid.

   Still at large yet to be apprehended are:  Jerry Peden, who is wanted on two counts of sale of morphine; Curtis Harlan, for sale of crack cocaine; and Carla Rene Buie, for sale of cocaine.

   All listed persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Several of the listed offenders are prior drug offenders and some are currently on probation for selling and/or possessing drugs.

   Drug agents are continuing their fight against drugs in order to help keep the streets of Lawrence County safe for our citizens and their children. We hope to help provide a cleaner environment in which our children – the future of Lawrence County – may grow.

   Other phases of drug indictments are yet to come.

   If anyone has any information of drug activity, they are urged to contact the department at 762-3646, or the Criminal Investigation Division at 762-1608.