Lawrenceburg man is target of credit card fraud 01-23-08
Resident reports thieves took trailer frame and axle 01-23-08
Suspicious driver nets stop, arrest 01-23-08
Commission Talks Charter Changes 01-26-08
Commission Approves Grant Purchase 01-26-08
December Unemployment Rate Creeps Upward 01-26-08
Famous Barn Sign Comes To Lawrence County 01-26-08
Commission And School Board Consider Coffman Field Arrangement 01-28-08
Davis Field Representative to visit on Thursday 01-28-08
Early Voting Period Ends Thursday 01-28-08
Father arrested for shooting at son 01-28-08
Irate patron busts door of bank 01-28-08
Officers intervene in ruckus at theater 01-28-08
Residents truck is stolen and trash dumped 01-28-08
Vehicle rammed during domestic altercation 01-28-08
Authorities eye string of mailbox vandalisms 01-29-08
Franklin Drive woman arrested for domestic assault 01-29-08
Inmate to face coercion of witness charges 01-29-08
Bottoms warns to be on lookout for identity thieves 01-30-08
Ethridge woman to answer child abuse charge Monday 01-31-08
Commission interviews three potential commissioners 01-31-08
Third Phase of Operation Clean Sweep conducted 01-31-08






























































































Lawrenceburg Public nominated for prestigious Blue Ribbon Schools award 01-02-08
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Arrest made in wake of vending machine theft 01-02-08
Investigators confiscate human skull during drug bust 01-02-08
Suspects sought in New Years Eve Robbery 01-02-08
The Shelter recipient of grant award 01-02-08
Charges pending in drug operation 01-02-08
Weapons drawn in New Years Eve domestic situations 01-02-08
Decline In Traffic Fatalities Over New Year's Holiday Weekend 01-02-08
New year baby 01-02-08
Driver strikes building and jumps alley fleeing from police 01-03-08
Resident busted after selling drugs to undercover officers 01-03-08
Source of fire under investigation 01-03-08
Lawrenceburg Commissioner Buford Goolsby Dies 01-05-08
Shots fired when driver attempts to strike deputy 01-07-08
Animals removed from home of advocate 01-07-08
Dog shot while walking with owners 01-07-08
Lawrenceburg Commissioner Buford Goolsby Dies 01-07-08
Theft, vandalism reported at Summertown cemetery 01-07-08
Commission controversy arises over grant funds 01-10-08
Recent occurrences result in increased security measures 01-10-08
Fugitives of justice apprehended at local motel 01-10-08
Morrow appointed to Utility Board 01-10-08
Local Man Killed In Fall River Road Accident Saturday Morning 01-13-08
Early voting begins Wednesday 01-15-08
Window shot from car of motorist 01-15-08
Businessman suspects someone is gunning for his dogs 01-15-08
Vandalism reported at Lawrenceburg school 01-15-08
Witnesses deter early morning intruders 01-15-08
Donations needed for library book sale 01-15-08
Residents threatened at gun point during home invasion 01-14-08
NWS says Thursday storm was tornado 01-14-08
Identity thieves target Leoma resident 01-17-08
Lawrenceburg man faces domestic violence charges 01-17-08
Lawrenceburg woman falls victim to fraud 01-17-08
Summertown resident incurs vandalism damages 01-17-08
Sewer Work Begins In Ethridge 01-19-08
Three arrested for manufacturing meth 01-19-08
Highway 43 opening 01-20-08
Mattoxtown Road crash causes injuries 01-21-08
Board slated to again consider purchase of police car cameras 01-22-08
Four injured in Mattoxtown Road Crash 01-22-08
Cyrus Agent Will Be In Lawrenceburg Sunday 01-23-08