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Monday, January 28, 2008

Father Arrested For Shooting At Son, Girlfriend

   A Lawrenceburg man was arrested during the weekend after he allegedly fired shots at his son and his girlfriend during an argument.

   James Raborn Deatherage, age 61, was arrested in the wake of the 10:40 a.m. Sunday incident inside his 76 Valley Road home.

   Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department report they responded to Buffalo Road Market where they met with the son, age 21, and his girlfriend, age 25. They indicated they had come to the market to report the incident after leaving the nearby home.

   The victim’s reported that Deatherage had become angry with the son because he had been involved in an automobile crash that morning in Murfreesboro and had totaled his car. They stated that during the incident Deatherage threw a candlestick at the girlfriend then threw a chair, striking a china cabinet.

   The couple reported they then attempted to leave, but that Deatherage retrieved a handgun from his bedroom and began firing.

   When they arrived at the home, deputies placed a telephone call, requesting that Deatherage exit the home with his hands in the air, and without the gun. They report that he did comply.

   Deatherage allegedly told deputies that he “became angry with (his son) because (son) acted like wrecking his new car did not matter to him.” He indicated that he then “lost his temper,” got his gun and shot several rounds into the floor of the house. He reported that he “was so angry he could not recall where in the house he shot – only that it was somewhere in the carpet.”

   During the investigation, deputies report finding no bullet holes in the carpet. The did recover one spent round inside the home, near the bedroom door. Two casings were also found outside, in the carport area.

   Deputies located one bullet hole in the door facing between the dining room and den, and a bullet lodged in a cabinet.

   The victims reported that once Deatherage exited the house, he fired one shot into the ground in front of the vehicle and a second into the air, through the roof of the carport. The victims were inside the vehicle at the time.

   Deatherage was placed under arrest on two counts of aggravated assault and was transported to the Lawrence County Jail without further incident.

   Deatherage is slated to answer the charges through Lawrence County General Sessions Court on March 3, 2008.