Giles County Sheriff's Department reported that 2 suspects have been arrested that were responsible for burglarizing a family's home that was in the hospital following a tragedy.



According to the Giles County Sheriff's department they responded to reports of a potential prowler at the residence belonging to Curt Alsup, and his family on Black Road whom was not at home due to a tragic vehicle accident that took Curt's life as well as leaving his family hospitalized from their injuries.

Once deputies arrived they discovered the families home had in fact been burglarized where authorities immediately began the investigation to track down the individual or individuals responsible for robbing a family that had already lost so much.

Tennessee Wildlife Officer David Crane ended up obtaining information that solved the case, and lead authorities to the 2 suspects responsible for the burglary when he conducted a traffic stop for a wildlife violation.

During the traffic stop Officer Crane seized firearms from the 2 male subjects that later in processing came back as a match for the weapons stolen during the burglary at the Aslup's residence.

This information led authorities with the Giles County Sheriff's department to Dylan Townsend 19, and Tyler Hargrove, 19 where law enforcement worked well into the evening on Christmas Eve to arrest both suspects that are currently being held without bond.

Sheriff Kyle Helton spoke on the incident saying, “Tragedy struck our community with the passing of Curt Alsup and the injuries sustained to his family during the motor vehicle accident several days ago. I was appalled, to say the least, when I received the news that his family’s home had been burglarized while his wife and children were hospitalized. Our goal was to seek and find those individuals responsible for such a despicable crime and that came to an end this Christmas Eve. I would personally like to thank those Officers involved in the apprehension of these offenders, the multiple community members reporting any and all suspicious activity, and to TWRA Officer David Crane for his valuable assistance during the investigation.”

Photo Credit: Giles County Sheriff's office.



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