A Lawrence County Church Tell Children: "There is No Santa Claus"

The Bible Christian Church, Summertown, TN, sign has a community up in arms.

A sign in front of the church says "No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus It's all about Jesus."

The reverse side reads "Santa is not coming to town but Jesus is are you ready"

Social media reaction says "are you seeing this garbage. Our kids have to see that."

Another comment read: Their kids why ruin what little innocence the world has left for them. Yes us adults know the real meaning but come on let kids be kids while they can before it's not allowed anymore."

Chad Shannon wrote: "Our kids have so many things forcing them to grow up too soon. Thanks Pastor for helping that process. I do my best to protect their childhood and keep them innocent despite all the detractors trying to steal their focus. I would like to think a pastor would be on the side of parents.

We serve the Lord also. Them believing in Santa won’t send them to Hell, fellor, no matter how loud you want to scream it to your congregation."

What do you think?

Photo: Jamie Leslie
Information: Burt Staggs