The Lawrenceburg Police Department are warning residents about recent scam that uses spoof number to impersonate their office


The Lawrenceburg Police Department released the following information on Tuesday:

"It has come to the police dept.'s attention that a scam is actively happening right now where unknown individuals are contacting residents from the Lawrenceburg Police Dept. phone number 931-762-2276 advising them they have missed a court appearance and they need to provide a card number to pay their citation or they will be arrested/ suspended/ subpeonaed etc.

The phone number has been "spoofed" to come from another line and show this number on your caller ID. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!

A representative of the police department will never solicit payment information over the phone. They will advise you to come to the police department to resolve any matters like this.

Any questions please call 931-762-2276 and ask for Officer Englett."