Lawrenceburg police officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex where the manager reported keys missing, and doors wide open to previously secured units.



The Lawrenceburg police department was dispatched to a apartment complex in town in reference to a possible burglary of several units where officers spoke with the manager who stated that she believed 5 of the 6 apartments in building c had been gone into after noticing the keys to those units were missing.

The manager had noticed that the previously secured apartments that were empty, and being remodeled were now unsecured with the front doors open.

The officer entered the apartments with the manager where nothing was reported to be missing; although there was signs of damage with a hole in a freshly redone wall along with damage to a door frame from what appeared to be signs of forced entry.

The damage to the apartments was estimated at a total of $200 along with $25 for the stolen keys where the manager will be replacing all locks.

At the time of the report officers did obtain the name of a potential suspect who was a previous employee that the manager believes may be "squatting" in the apartments.




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