Lawrenceburg police officers responded to reports of a gun potentiality being stolen at a local hotel.



The Lawrenceburg police department received a call from a female victim who told officers that she had been at a conference, and then stayed at a local hotel where her gun came up missing out of her room.

The victim stated that when she got into her hotel room she placed her .38 special revolver inside the nightstand drawer, but when she checked out she accidentally left the gun inside her room where she immediately returned to the hotel only to be told that there was no gun found inside her room.

According to the victim she spoke with several women at the front desk who assured the matter would be looked into, but the woman at the front desk including the owner has since been uncooperative refusing to return her calls.

After speaking with the victim officers were dispatched to the hotel in question where police were approached by a house keeper who asked if they were there in regards to a gun, and then proceeded to inform them of the name of the housekeeper who had cleaned the victim's room that day.

Police were also told by the hotel that no gun was ever discovered after the victim had checked out of her room, and at the time of the report there was no further details released pending an investigation.





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