Mayor Kerry Underwood with the City of Tuscumbia, Alabama praises quick response of local Police, Firefighters, and Bomb Squad in handling suspicious package.



On Tuesday the City of Tuscumbia, Alabama Government released information regarding reports of a suspicious package outside a downtown building where the bomb squad and first responders were dispatched to the scene.

Residents were advised to avoid the Downtown area if at all possible until crews could safely clear the scene.

Once the incident was safely resolved Mayor Kerry Underwood released the following statement:

“I am grateful to our first responders for their speedy and professional resolution to this situation. We are glad that any potential threat has been handled and we will continue to be vigilant to protect our citizens and merchants from those who might try to upset our way of life.”

The City of Tuscumbia, Alabama Government expressed their appreciation to the local Police Department, Fire Departments for their diligence in responding as well as the Florence Bomb Squad and Captain Ira Davis for keeping the situation maintained and safe.