Lawrence County could lose it's centralized 911 dispatch if proper funding cannot be agreed upon.


Both City and County which includes representatives from other municipalities have met several times to try to come to an agreement on the funding issue for Lawrence County's centralized 911 dispatch where currently there has been no resolution to the funding.

The E-911 inter local agreement came to an end in 2017 where the agreement was for the City, and County to equally split the cost of providing 911 dispatcher salaries along with benefits.

The County in the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget funded 911 $339,245 based on the same amount they had provided last year, but the City cut it's funding from $339,245 to $120,000 where the other remaining $120,000 has yet to be provided.

After the funding cut the E-911 State Board will now meet with the local board on November 6th to discuss cutting the state funding to the board.

Hopefully a resolution can be agreed upon since the budget for local 911 will run out of money soon.

The board will meet on Monday at 10:00 a.m. at the Lawrenceburg Police Department training room on Waterloo Street to try to reach an agreement, and development a contingency plan in case current 911 service is discontinued where the public is invited to attend.



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