Lawrence County Sheriff's Department reported an attempted traffic stop on a motorcycle that turned into a pursuit that ended in the driver's arrest.


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department reported that an investigator was traveling in the area of Gaines Street, and Locust Avenue when he noticed a motorcycle without a visible license plate.

A traffic stop was initiated near Davy Crockett park where the male driver identified as Jesse Scheeler who had a female passenger originally stopped for the investigator.

Scheeler told the investigator that his license plate was flipped under the rear tire wheel, but that he did not have any identification on him.

While the investigator was still conducting the traffic stop Scheeler took off on his motorcycle leaving the female passenger behind which resulted in a pursuit.

The investigator was catching up with Scheeler when he noticed that the suspect had done a u turn, and was now heading South with the passenger on the back again which lead the investigator to issue a BOLO, and call off the pursuit.

Afterwards Scheeler was located at a residence on First Street where the suspect was arrested on charges of felony evading arrest, and reckless endangerment.