Management at Tractor Supply contacted the Lawrenceburg police department after a witness supposedly spotted a male subject removing tools from underneath his shirt.


Lawrenceburg police officers were dispatched to Tractor Supply on North Locust Avenue with reports of a possible theft where a witness had reported the incident to management.

The responding officer reported that the witness stated seeing a male subject remove tools from underneath their shirt, and then place the tools inside their car in the store's parking lot.

The male subject was identified after the witnesses was able to write down the man's tag number, but video surveillance inside the store was not able to capture the area where the possible theft occurred.

The store's management stated to police that after the incident was reported they discovered 2 sets of Gearwrench 32 piece ratcheting wrenches valued at $180 was missing.

At the time of the report no arrest were made pending further investigation with possible suspect.




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