Lawrenceburg police officers responded to numerous reports of theft that has occurred throughout the County.


The Lawrenceburg police department responded to 4 separate reports of theft in the past several days with 2 reports occuring at the David Crockett Motel.

The first report of theft occured at Kroger where a female victim was using a motorized scooter when she had to change scooters due to the battery dying, and that's when she accidentally left her wallet in the basket.

She returned to retrieve her wallet only to discover it had already been stolen after she spoke with management who confirmed the wallet had not been turned in, but stated they would document the theft in a attempt to locate her property.

The victim filed the police report after receiving letters from a local video store regarding multiple rentals that was done with her card, and after speaking with kroger again discovered the manager she spoke with was no longer employed there along with the victim being informed that the theft was never documented.

The 2nd theft occured at Shan's One Stop on West Gaines Street where a male victim reported his purple backpack that contained a transistor radio was stolen from inside the laundromat connected to the store where the victim only left the backpack for a brief period to get a pizza from inside the store.

The store's surveillance video showed a white female steal the backpack known only by her first name Jessica by the store clerk who is described as having black hair, approximately 5'7, around 140 Ibs, and in her 30's.

The 3rd theft occured at the Motel located on East Gaines Street where a male victim stated that $500 in cash had been stolen from his pants pocket also telling officers that he did have a female guest stay with him, but she was adamant about letting the victim know she did not steal the money.

The last incident also occurred at the Motel where a male victim reported that someone had stolen his new red men's mountain bicycle that had a black seat, and black rims with a sticker that said " made in South Carolina" that was located near the underground storm drain with an estimated total of $150.

At the time of all 4 reports no arrest had been made pending further investigation.



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