Lawrenceburg police were dispatched to the local Walmart with reports of shoplifting

Where officers arrested the suspect who resisted arrest, and pretended to call an attorney.


Lawrenceburg police officers were dispatched to Walmart on North Locust Avenue where a female suspect had been caught shoplifting, and was refusing to cooperate with loss prevention.

After officers approached the female suspect she refused to identify herself or show police her license, and then she proceeded to pretend to call a Attorney.

After the female suspect had spoke on the phone with her parent they advised her to cooperate with police where she eventually identified herself, and spoke with loss prevention.

The female suspect had been caught stealing $57.44 worth of items from the store where police advised her she would be issued a citation for the shoplifting that by law she was required to sign, and by signing the citation she was not admitting that she committed the crime only stating she would appear in court where she could plead guilty or not guilty.

Officers stated the female suspect refused to sign the citation multiple times even after being told it was not an admission of guilt to sign the citation, and she would also be released after signing.

After still refusing to sign officers explained she would be placed under arrest where the female suspect initially flailed her arms, kicked, screamed, before police were able to arrest her on charges of resisting arrest, and shoplifting where she was transported to the Lawrence County jail.



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