Lawrence County School announces students will return to school in a phased in 4-day week of in-person learning.


The Lawrence County School System released the following statement regarding students returning:


"The Lawrence County School System continues to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. Students, faculty, and staff have demonstrated grit and determination since opening schools on August 10. Recent adjustments to the reporting method of active cases by the Tennessee Department of Health, indicates the level of active cases in Lawrence County has diminished significantly. 

Coordinated School Health monitors student cases and quarantines daily and reports that our schools are not experiencing outbreaks like other districts. It has been and remains the goal of LCSS to resume school in a traditional manner. As the impact of COVID-19 has gradually decreased, LCSS will resume daily operations with 
phased in 4-day week of in-person learning as follows:

September 14 - Grades PreK - 5th  

September 21 - Grades 6th - 12th along with Grades Prek - 5th

Wednesdays will continue to be reserved for deep cleaning. All students will participate in remote learning on Wednesdays until a determination is made to return to a 5-day week. LCSS adheres to the Tennessee Department of Education’s approved Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) outlined in the LCSS Continuum of Operations.  

What will be required of LCSS faculty, staff, students, and parents in the 4-day instructional model?

Everyone on the campus of a LCSS school, will be required to wear a mask/face covering and continue to social distance, 6 feet 15 minutes from others. This expectation will become more problematic due to the increase of students in schools, on buses, and daily interactions inside and outside of schools. 

The option to remove face coverings/masks during classes will be limited for students, unless social distancing can be ensured by faculty and staff in the classrooms. Masks during the day will be a challenge, but it can be done. Masks are considered vital in reducing spread of COVID-19. We ALL must wear masks while at school, in hallways, classrooms, buses, and school sanctioned events, including athletics. A greater emphasis will be placed on MDS (Mask, Distancing, Sanitizing). 

What if a parent/ student does not feel comfortable returning to the 4-day model? 

LCSS will continue to provide Educational CHOICE to our students and families during the 2020-2021 academic year. Students who wish to continue with our Fully Remote Learning Model may do so, or they may return to school if they so choose. Students on the Hybrid Model who are uncomfortable with a full return will have the option to move into the Full Remote Learning Model.

What will happen if LCSS experiences an immediate and/or significant increase in COVID cases or close contact issues during the 4-day model? 

Options would include a 14 day quarantine with LCSS resuming on a Hybrid or Remote Learning Model. It is possible that some schools in Lawrence County will close for a 14 day quarantine due to close contacts or increased positive cases. If this were to happen, students would be required to engage in our Remote Learning Model while other schools continue daily in-person operations.

Kids will be kids, which will increase the probability of spread. Containment may become difficult, and the number of quarantines may increase. As has been the case with COVID-19, much planning has gone into trying to stay ahead of community spread and an increase in positive cases and close contact. These efforts will continue regardless of what learning model LCSS is engaged in.

What can you do to help prevent an increase in positive cases and school related issues? 

Please continue to stay home if feeling ill and practice MDS-mask/face covering, distancing, and sanitize frequently.  MDS is the only known preventive measures we have at this time that will give us a chance of returning to normal routines.  Overall, our students have done an outstanding job with physical distancing, hygiene, and acting in a responsible manner. However, we all must do our part to be extra vigilant while the COVID-19 virus remains a factor."