Mayor Minute: Honoring Lawrenceburg hero.

"One of the greatest assets Lawrenceburg has is its people, and last week, the City Council and I had the distinct pleasure of honoring one of Lawrenceburg’s dedicated servants: Retired SSG. Barry Hogues. We renamed Simms Street Park to Barry Hogues Community Park.

Barry is a 1987 graduate of Lawrence County High School, and after high school he joined the United States Army and served 20 years. From there, he went to Washington D.C and served 10 years at the White House with The Department of Homeland Security under President Bill Clinton and George Bush.

While those are significant accomplishments, I want to share with you what makes Barry a true community servant in my eyes. A story that comes to mind is some years ago when Mrs. Doris Lyles was planning one of her annual class trips to D.C., she discovered the White House was closed for tours. She was devastated because touring the White House was a highlight of the trip for the kids. She had already made phone calls to our U.S. Congressmen and to our U.S. Senators but had no luck scheduling the tour. She reached out to me, and I suggested she call Barry. After talking to him, Mrs. Lyles had her White House tour scheduled. He accomplished what congressmen and senators could not, and those students got a once in a lifetime opportunity to fully experience our nation’s capital up close and personal. Barry changed their young lives.

After traveling the world with two presidents; flying on Air Force One; serving in presidential motorcades; and driving for congressmen, senators, and 4-star generals, Barry never forgot where he came from. He has always loved and been proud of his hometown, stepping up and helping out whenever he could. The City Council and I are delighted to name a local park in his honor because Barry is a patriot to his country and an ambassador for Lawrenceburg for the world to see."