The Lawrenceburg police department conducted a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a local man who was intoxicated on methamphetamine and marijuana.



A Lawrenceburg police officer conducted a traffic stop after observing a red Chevrolet pickup truck traveling South on North Locust Avenue with a tag light out.

After the officer pulled over the driver he discovered that the man did not have a driver's license, and appeared to possibly be under the influence of a substance as the man was twitching.

The driver admitted to the officer that he had snorted some methamphetamine a few hours before being pulled over as well as smoking some marijuana.

The male suspect was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, and driving without a license where he was transported to the local hospital after giving consent to have his blood drawn.

The man was then taken to the Lawrence County jail where he will appear in court on October 3rd.



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