The World Health Organization are monitoring another variant of the Coronavirus known as "MU."


According to the World Health Organization they added another version of coronavirus to its list of “variants of interest” on August 30th after concern was raised that the new variant may partially evade the immunity people have developed from past infection or vaccination.

The Mu variant, which is also known as B.1.621, was found to possess a cluster of mutations with the variant first being identified in Colombia in January of this year.

Cases of the "MU" variant have now been detected in 39 countries which include some large outbreaks in South America and Europe as well as the variant being found in the United States.

At this time the variant will be monitored to see how it behaves which so far has not raised alarm as much as the Alpha and Delta variants have.

The main concern regarding the "Mu" variant comes from the particular mutations it carries with one genetic change being the P681H mutation which is found in the Alpha variant which has been linked to faster transmission.

It has also been reported having other mutations, including E484K and K417N which may help the virus evade immunity defences, which could give the variant an advantage over Delta as immunity rises into the autumn.