Giles County Sheriff’s Department report ZAZA Red thief has been apprehended by Athens Police Department.


Giles County Sheriff’s Department issued the following release on Tuesday:

"Press Release
Giles County, Tennessee

Athens Police Department apprehends ZAZA Red Thief for Giles County Sheriff’s Department. The quick and observant actions of Investigator Howard led investigators to the apprehension of Tony Allen Walker, age 26 of Athens, Alabama.

Walker began his crime spree in Ardmore, Tennessee on April 27, 2021, when Walker entered the HP Max Fuel where he led the clerk to believe he was armed and 60 bottles of ZaZa Red.

On April 28, 2021 Walker broke into the Smoke Spot located in Ardmore and stole 20 bottles of ZaZa Red and doing thousands of dollars in damage while committing the burglary. Walker returned to the same location on May 3, 2021 and stole 55 bottles of ZaZa Red, once again producing thousands of dollars in damage to the business.

ZaZa Red is sold as a stimulant containing a substance known as Tianeptine. Tianeptine which can stimulate opioid receptors which makes this substance highly addictive. The drug has not been approved by FDA and numerous publications issued warnings about its addictive and harmful contents. The stimulant has been outlawed in the State of Alabama.

Walker is awaiting extradition to Tennessee where he will be charged with robbery, two counts of burglary, and two counts of theft. Sheriff Helton commends the observant actions of Investigator Howard and the vigilant efforts by the Giles County Narcotics Investigators to bring this individual to justice."


Photo Credit: WKRN