The Giles County Sheriff's Department issued a warning to residents regarding a scam that is impersonating their Department in order to steal money.



According to the Giles County Sheriff's Department they have received reports of a new telephone scam that is circulating, and impersonating their Department by using software to display the Sheriff's Department telephone number on the caller ID.

When the scammer calls the victim sees GCSD phone number (931) 363-3505, on the caller ID where the scammer than proceeds to announce that they represent the "Kyle Helton Retirement Fund",  "Law Enforcement" or something to that nature.

The victim is then asked to make a donation between $50 to $500, but the Sheriff's Department is letting everyone know, "THIS IS A SCAM. HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT release any personal or payment information. This has NOT been authorized and is NOT a general practice of any Sheriff or law enforcement agency." 

The Sheriff's Department is asking residents to please share this scam as it could be used in other Counties as well.