A local woman was scammed out of $830 by a caller pretending to be the loan company she had been talking to about home modification.


Lawrenceburg police officer was dispatched to the Handy Andy's parking lot to speak with a female victim that told police she had been in the process of speaking with a loan company about a home modification loan when she received a call from the same number as the loan company.

The caller identified himself as Brad Cooper from the loan company stating that in order for her to receive the home modification loan she needed to send him the escrow from her account plus a processing fee that totaled in $830, and send to him by Western Union.

After the victim completed the man's request she became worried, and contacted the loan company who told her the man did not work for them that she may have been scammed where they advised her to contact police.

This is currently an ongoing investigation, and no arrest have been made at this time.



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