The Lawrenceburg police department arrested a local man for domestic assault after he was threatening family with a hatchet.


The Lawrenceburg police department was dispatched to a local residence after receiving a call that a male subject was threatening his grandmother with a hatchet.

Upon arrival the officer located the male suspect, Jones, sitting in a chair where the officer could see the head of the hatchet sticking up from beside his leg.

After searching Jones the officer reported that the suspect had no other weapons on him, and Jones told the officer that he did not directly threaten anyone with the hatchet.

The officer reported that he spoke with the female victim who stated that Jones threatened to break the windows in the residence with the hatchet, and then proceeded to use the hatchet to destroy the outbuilding that she was allowing him to stay in.

Jones was arrested on charges of domestic assault and vandalism where he was transported to the Lawrence County jail.

The victim requested information regarding evicting Jones, a restraining order, and reported a total loss of $ 2,000 due to the damage done by Jones to her outbuilding.



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