The Lawrenceburg police department responded to reports of burglary at local building where AA meetings are held.


The Lawrenceburg police department was dispatched on Friday to a building on S. Military Avenue where AA meetings are held, and officers spoke with the owner who stated that items from inside were stolen where the person or persons involved gained entry through two windows.

The owner told officers that the incident occurred sometime after the last AA meeting that was on July 31st, and that whoever broke in through the window must of left afterwards out the front door as the previously secured door was unlocked when the owner returned on the date of the report.

The items reported stolen were approximately 36 soft drinks, 10 packs of coffee, 200 styrofoam cups, 1 bag of sugar, 1 bottle of coffee creamer, and around $5 in change out of a donation tin with a total loss of $60 reported.

A patron told officers that they might have seen someone climbing in the window, but was unsure of the date since they were intoxicated at that time.

At this time no arrest have been made.



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