Invitation to play ball helps bring lost man home

I hope everyone is aware of the impact Miracle League baseball makes in the lives of those who are involved in it. If you haven’t watched a game at Abigail’s Field in Bobby Brewer Park, you should witness the happiness that radiates from its athletes and volunteers. I promise you’ll leave feeling better.
Lawrenceburg residents Tommy Lee and Lesa Kidd were instrumental in the formation of the League and the fundraising drive that built the field. Their daughter Abigail, who has Down Syndrome, became the face of the campaign. I love this quote from Tommy Lee about the difference the league has made for Abigail and her 100+ fellow athletes.
“Parent after parent has come to us with tears of joy in their eyes and explained how much a simple baseball game has helped their child and their entire family in all aspects of their lives. It has given many of the participants much-needed self-confidence that has helped them in their everyday life and given them something to look forward to.”
The impact on these lives was demonstrated in a dramatic way last week when 30-year-old Cyrus Parham, who has autism and is nonverbal, became lost from his home near the Natchez Trace.
Personnel from Wayne and Lawrence County and state and federal agencies became involved in the search. Local support came from our Sheriff’s Department, the Lawrenceburg Fire Department, Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Emergency Management, and volunteers from Crossroads, Leoma, Henryville, New Prospect, Southeast, Center Point and West Point Volunteer Fire Departments.
Another responder was Lawrence County Box 50, a unit formed in September 2018. Lawrence County Fire & Rescue Director Tyler McDow says it is manned by trained volunteers who go to the scene of “long duration” emergencies to provide refreshment and other, more specialized services to First Responders.
Several of Cyrus’s friends from the Miracle League also responded. Gina Old, coach of his Quik Mart team, suggested searchers call out to Cyrus about the game he loves, just in case he was frightened by the crowd that was looking for him.
Her advice helped Wayne County officer Terry Brewer when he found Cyrus. “Let’s play ball,” Brewer told him, opening the door to his truck. “C’mon, Cyrus, let’s go play ball.” Cyrus was returned to his anxious family almost 24 hours after he accidentally left home. He had not eaten or taken a drink during his ordeal, but is doing well now.
The Kidds were also at the scene of the search. “I was so impressed with the way all the emergency responders worked together,” said Tommy Lee. “No matter where they were from or what agency they represented, it didn’t matter. They were there to find Cyrus.”
Another very impressive thing about our Miracle League is the way our community supports it. Hundreds of volunteers are involved and have been from the start. Hundreds also donated to the effort to build the beautiful facility we now have.
Today I’d like to ask you to continue your support of the Miracle League. One easy way is to attend its biggest fundraiser of the year, coming up Saturday, August 24 at Rotary Park Arena.
Abigail’s Plan “Bulls & Barrels” brings a premier bull riding tour here, with cowboys vying for national points. Barrel racers add another element of excitement, and country music singer Kolt Barber will kick off the evening with a 5:30 concert. Bull riding gets underway at 7 p.m. Tickets are just $10, the best entertainment deal in town.
Also, please remember Abigail’s Plan in your charitable giving, estate planning, and memorial gifts. The Miracle League changes lives all the time, but last week we saw that it can even save one.



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