Community Guide is for everyone

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to see the newest Lawrence County Community Guide, published by our Chamber of Commerce.

If you have not, free copies of the third edition are available at many businesses, government offices, and other locations. The cover features Rachel (Mrs. Ben) Emerson and two of their three boys – Jack and Asher - around a campfire, one of many activities people can enjoy in beautiful Lawrence County.
The guide is divided into three categories – Visit, Play, and Stay.

“Visit” features outdoor assets like David Crockett State Park, Laurel Hill Lake, and Shoal Creek. An itinerary for a day in Downtown Lawrenceburg, a calendar of annual events, and an article about the Middle Tennessee District Fair are included. 
“Play” offers information for folks who like to watch and/or participate in motor sports; hike; bike; swim; play traditional or disc golf.

“Stay” contains guidance for those interested in moving to Lawrence County. Subjects include broadband expansion, healthcare, education, and ways to get involved in the community. It features a couple who moved here from Smyrna, Rob and Michelle McVicker; and Rosalind O’Steen Fort, who lives in Lawrence County but works remotely as a commercial real estate mortgage underwriter.

The beauty of the guide, though, is that it is not just for new residents and tourists. Remote employment is a real option for many, and it’s good to read about the progress of broadband coverage across the county. You might not know that Loretto and Summertown are part of Nashville’s Big Back Yard. Many of us need a refresher on rules for visiting and doing business with the Amish. Even the ads are informative!
New elements in this edition include first-person stories, recommended selfie spots, and a feature on Local Eats. Articles are shorter and more reader-friendly. And as usual, gorgeous photography steals the show.

Many thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for another great Community Guide. Be sure to pick up your copy today, or view it online at