On July 12th 2022 at approximately 2:53 PM Lawrence County Central Dispatch Operators answered a 911 call reporting a man down at 69 Pleasant Garden Road in Summertown (Dixie Oaks Golf Club.) The caller reported that bystanders on the scene including an off duty Respiratory Therapist were beginning CPR on the patient who was not breathing.

These bystanders were doing an amazing job. Within one minute of the call 911 operators were dispatching units to the scene while also providing pre-arrival instructions and dispatching a medical helicopter to the scene. With the closest available ambulance responding from Lawrenceburg, Emergency Medical Responders from Summertown Fire Department arrived on scene within 7 minutes and began providing basic life support. Summertown FD personnel were able to provide oxygen, attach their AED unit and deliver two shocks to the patient. Lawrence County EMS then arrived on scene along with deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

The Lawrence County EMS crew was able to provide advanced life support and administer medications to help stabilize the patient while Sheriff’s Deputies helped to identify the patient and notify emergency contacts. Upon the arrival of Vanderbilt Lifeflight patient care was transferred to the flight crew for transport to definitive care.

Before the patient was transferred to the flight crew the patient had regained consciousness and was reported to be verbally responsive.

In nearly every community CPR class we preach early notification, early access, early CPR, early Defibrillation, and early Advanced Life Support. Today all of these benchmarks were met!

This call is a prime example of COMMUNITY at its best. Our community! On what can be someone’s worst day there is always a chance for the village to come together and do their best to make a positive change to a bad situation.


Today this happened. We are very blessed to get to work along side some of the best in the business everyday. We ask that you keep this patient and their family in your prayers as the recovery process continues. Thank God for using these people!