Tennessee fugitive has finally been captured after escaping authorities on Sunday.

Charles Lawson who escaped from the Tennessee Highway Patrol on Sunday after being arrested on non-violent theft warrants escaped in Putnam County.

Lawson who was put in the back of a squad car on Sunday while a trooper searched his vehicle managed to escape in the squad car while being handcuffed by squeezing through a small gap in the backseat that was providing flow of AC to the suspect.

Lawson did eventually crash the squad car where he took off on foot and a manhunt began for the suspect.

On Tuesday It has now been reported that Charles Lawson has been captured.

The fugitive was caught after he broke into a home in western Putnam County near the Buffalo Valley area, and once the homeowner returned home he call authorities.

It appears that Lawson took a map and food then attempted to run off before Law Enforcement arrived, but a blood hound was able to quickly track him down.

Lawson surrendered without a fight, and was transported to jail.