Man's best friend saves Wayne County local.


According to Wayne County Emergency Management Director Robert Farris around 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday Brian Meno was operating a crane on his Collinwood property when his dog helped alert that his owner needed help.

Meno was attempting to repair some of the roof when the crane turned over penning him inside, and his dog began overly barking along the driveway trying to alert anyone that was driving by.

That's when a highway department worker was passing by where he stated he could hear a dog "barking and going crazy", and once the worker stopped he could hear Meno yelling for help.

Once the worker called for help the Wayne County Sheriff's office, TWRA, Wayne County Ambulance Service, and the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency also showed up with hazmat equipment for any possible fuel leakage from the crane.

After 2 1/2 hours crews were able to extract Meno who was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Since emergency personnel were able to quickly get to Meno because of his dog alerting that his owner needed help authorities reported after surgery on Wednesday Meno was listed in stable condition.

Wayne County Emergency Management Director Robert Farris said about the situation, " That dog needs a steak."



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