The Maury County Fire Department responded on Saturday night to a river rescue involving two kayakers.

According to the Maury County Fire Department units with Brush 1, boat 1, Training Chief Craft and Director Hardy from the Office of Emergency Management responded to a river rescue.

The report indicated that two kayakers had miss judged the time it would take to get to their destination where crews found both individuals safe.

Regarding this rescue the Maury County Fire Department released a statement with some tips for safely navigating waters:

"Tell someone your paddle plan, which includes: where you are going, what you will be doing, how long you expect to be gone and how many people are in your party. Then stick to your plan.

Paddling in the surf zone or in rivers can be dangerous. Always wear a helmet.

Stay hydrated. Always bring plenty of water and food.

When paddling in a new area, check with the locals regarding currents, shoreline conditions and weather patterns. Plan an "escape" route - an alternative place to get off the water should environmental conditions dictate it. Abiding by these rules will help to make your kayak adventure safer and fun."

Photo Credit: Maury County Fire Department.