Nashville's Big Back Yard talks about Lawrenceburg's Old Jail Museum


Nashville's Big Back Yard had this to say on Tuesday about local Museum:

"Lawrenceburg's Old Jail Museum allows you to step inside jail cells that were in use from 1893 all the way until 1974! Stand where a Sheriff met his fate, and see where barred windows were repaired following an inmate escape.

This jail-turned-museum housed prisoners, sequestered juries, and was the home of the Sheriff’s family. Old jails were not built for comfort, but inmates did get home-cooked meals! His wife served them all from her kitchen and put her children to bed knowing criminals were just a few feet away.

Displays tell stories of local households, transportation, farms, churches, businesses, and industries. A military history area features an incredible range of memorabilia, the campaign and political collection includes items from the life and career of Fred Thompson, a U.S. Senator, Presidential candidate, actor, and attorney who grew up in Lawrenceburg, TN.

The Old Jail Museum is on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned and operated by the Lawrence County Historical Society.

Come see this piece of fascinating history in Nashville's Big Back Yard!

Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce"