Chamber’s Agriculture Committee Announces 2024 Century Farm and Agribusiness of the Year

The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce’s Agriculture Committee announced the recipients of the 2024 Century Farm and awarded the 2024 Agribusiness of the Year at this morning’s Agriculture Appreciation Breakfast. These awards celebrate the longstanding tradition of Lawrence County’s agriculture community and the families and businesses that have sustained industry over the years.

2024 Century Farm: Hudson Family Farm
The Hudson Farm in Lawrence County, recognized as the 2024 Century Farm, has been in the Hudson family since 1860. It was originally acquired by Young Milton (Y.M.) Hudson and his wife Eliza, who expanded the land and contributed significantly to the community, including establishing the town of Ethridge and donating land for a school.

Successive generations continued farming and engaged in the postal service. Notably, Carl Hudson sold land to Lawrence County’s first Amish landowner, fostering a lasting relationship with the Amish community. Will Hudson, the current owner, and his wife Linda moved back to Ethridge in 2006, expanding the farm to over 1,000 acres with cattle and crops.

The family remains deeply connected to their land and community, and actively advocates for agricultural safety in memory of Will’s nephew, Hudson Corum, after a tragic accident in 2018. Will’s grandson Beckett represents the seventh generation, poised to continue the family legacy into the future.

2024 Agribusiness of the Year: Dr. Gary Hill
Dr. Gary Hill has been a cornerstone of veterinary care in Lawrence County since 1982 and is the 2024 Agribusiness of the Year. In 1984, he co-founded the Large Animal Clinic in Lawrenceburg and now operates it solely. Specializing in beef and dairy cattle, Dr. Hill is renowned for his expertise, attracting clients from Murfreesboro, Parsons, and Alabama.

He maintains low prices for livestock producers, enhancing customer satisfaction. A strong supporter of the beef cattle industry and youth programs like 4-H and FFA, he offers free health checks and paperwork for participating youth. Dr. Hill has also contributed to the Lawrenceburg Bull Test since 2010, performing affordable BSE tests on over 450 bulls. Amidst a declining number of large animal veterinarians, Dr. Hill’s dedication and service are invaluable to the cattle producers of Lawrence County and the surrounding region.

“On behalf of the UT-TSU Agriculture Extension office, I am honored to celebrate Hudson Family Farms and Dr. Gary Hill for their remarkable achievements as the 2024 Lawrence County Century Farm and Agribusiness of the Year. Their dedication to agricultural excellence, community support, and generational commitment to farming and veterinary care exemplifies the highest standards in our industry. Congratulations to both for their outstanding contributions to Lawrence County’s agricultural legacy.”

Each year, the UT-TSU Agriculture Extension Office, the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, and their joint Agriculture Committee plan Lawrence County’s Salute to Agriculture Week. This week-long campaign is designed to showcase Lawrence County’s growing agriculture industry, show appreciation to our farmers, and communicate the importance of agriculture to our community.


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