Lawrenceburg Police Officers are investigating a burglary after the victim's vehicle window was shattered, and over $7,000 in merchandise was stolen.


Lawrenceburg Police Officers received a telephone call in regards to a report of a vehicle burglary, and theft of property on Friday where the incident took place at a residence on Cecil Street.

According to the victim him and his wife were moving into there new home where they were retrieving belongs from their storage unit, and after stoping for the night woke the following morning to discover the passenger side front window had been shattered.

Upon further inspection the couple realized that several belongings had been stolen from their vehicle where they reported a Dell Laptop Computer that was in a black computer bag, a black Galaxy 8 inch tablet with a gray case, a 3 piece silver wedding band set, a silver Pandora Bracelet with approximately 14 charms on it, a Yeti soft side color described as tan, black and orange in color as well as a black Fitbit watch where all the belongings totaled to an estimated loss of $7,100.

At the time of the report there was no potential suspects, but if anyone has information regarding this incident they are advised to contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department.



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