Lawrence County Firefighters have partnered with State Fire Marshal's Office for several years on the " Get Alarmed" Program.

Subject: Get alarmed program blitz

Members of Lawrence County Fire Rescue and Lawrenceburg Fire Department have partnered with the State Fire Marshal’s Office for several years on the “Get Alarmed” program. This grant funded program piloted by the State of Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office is designed to provide working smoke alarms to homes in Tennessee free of charge. This program has been proven to save many lives. A shipment of smoke alarms had already been ordered and was scheduled for delivery for a fire alarm blitz in Lawrence County.

In the wake of the recent fatality fire in our County we have spoken with our partners at the Tennessee Fire Marshals Office as well as family members of the victims of last weeks fatal fire about hosting a Get Alarmed Blitz in memory of the victims of the fatal fire. Lawrence County Fire Rescue, Lawrenceburg Fire Department, Loretto Fire Department, and Saint Joseph Fire Department will be joining forces with the Tennessee Fire Marshal Office to host a smoke alarm blitz in memory 7 year old Jackson Wissner, 18 year old Elizabeth Brown, and 28 year old Travis Wissner who died as the result of a home fire last week. The goal of this blitz is to save lives by providing working smoke alarms to residents free of charge. The date of the blitz will be announced in the coming days.