The Lawrenceburg Police Department welcome new LPD Officer with taser training.

The Lawrenceburg Police Department on Wednesday Welcomed three new officers to LPD, Officer Keith Schultz, Officer Seth Wright, and Officer BJ Townsend.

Following the Lawrenceburg Police Department's announcement of the three new officers the department shared some insight into some of the training that officers receive which includes Taser Training.

A Taser is a non lethal device that many officers carry that shoots probes which attach to a person's skin or clothing where the probes are connected to the device by wires that send an electrical charge from the device into the person, incapacitating them temporarily where the electrical charge from a Taser interrupts the communication between a person's brain and their muscles for five seconds giving the officer time to take control of a subject.

Officers are not only taught how to safely, and properly use a taser they are also given the opportunity to understand the effects of the weapon they are going to be carrying.

The Lawrenceburg Police Department released a short video showing Officer Seth Wright taking part in that training where Wright was supported by two other officers who helped him to a mat in front of him after he was tased.

Photo Credit: Lawrenceburg Police Department.



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