Loretto Police Department reveal new addition to the police department!

K-9s have long been a valuable asset to police departments worldwide. With their ability to sniff out drugs, explosives, and missing persons they have proven a force multiplier when used correctly. Our department has long recognized the need for our officers to have a furry partner while on duty. However, like most things in life, the costs place having K-9s out of reach.

Several years ago we began participating in a government program that allows us to acquire surplus equipment and either use it or sell it after a certain period of time. We have been able to acquire several useful items with this program. Today we want to announce the acquisition of what will probably be the most useful item in our inventory.

With the help of the DOD we have been given a retired robotic “dog” called the Law enforcement Support System Integrated Equipment or Lassie for short. Lassie comes preprogrammed with the following abilities:

Bomb detection
Narcotics detection
Arson accelerant detection
Search and rescue tracking and recovery
Identify Friend or Foe (will be used for warrant service)
Target acquisition and weapons deployment (no lethal weapons will be mounted per the contract, but electric restraint devices can be)
The ability to reach 70 mph, sustainable for several miles.
The ability to climb trees and structures.
The ability to dive to 50 meters and recover a 300 lb object.
The ability to subdue a 300lb subject from a sitting position.
She is electric and can recharge herself via a port in her “nose” as long as a 110 outlet is available. Her battery lasts 24 hours on normal “patrol mode”.

As you can see Lassie is going to be a tremendous asset for our department. Using artificial intelligence learning we hope that she will be able to predict crime before it happens and position herself accordingly. We look forward to showing her off in the coming weeks and turning her loose this summer.

Welcome to the force Lassie!