Maury County firefighter along with off duty Franklin and Columbia Firefighters made a heroic rescue after a vehicle went into the Duck River.

Maury County Fire Department released the following photo and details on Sunday:


Off duty firefighters with the Franklin FD and Columbia Fire Rescue along with a Maury County fire member made a heroic rescue in the Williamsport Communty this morning.

A perfect storm of events with Franklin Fire Captain Michael Henderson (former MCFD District Chief) being in the community this morning and was alerted to a vehicle in the Duck River with a subject on top of it.

As Captain Henderson arrived he began to assess the situation and could barely make out a person in the middle of the river. Soon after a civilian jon boat arrived pulled by MCFD FF Jimmy Mash and off duty Columbia Fire Rescue Engineer Jason Delk who had also been alerted to the incident. They awaited additional life jackets to arrive on scene and formulated a plan to save the person.

MCFD swiftwater boats were responding but due to the rural nature of the call they knew the subject could not hold on any longer. FF’s Delk and Henderson deployed the boat and successfully rescued the subject without incident and delivered him to Maury Regional EMS.

Special thanks to Christy Payne for calling in the incident and gathering life jackets as without her the person would not have been found in time. Special thanks to FF Jimmy Mash for providing his own boat as well. We absolutely do not condone civilians attempting rescues; however, these highly trained individuals had to make a decision to use the resources at hand to save a life and they did. Great job!

The image is of the subject several hundred yards from shore on top of his van which was completely submerged.

DO NOT enter any water currently. There is no way to know the depth or if the road is still there! Turn around, don’t drown!"

Photo Credit: Maury County Fire Department.