Lawrenceburg Police Officers were dispatched in reference to theft at a Dollar General after a man filled a buggy full of merchandise, and left walking along the roadway.


The Lawrenceburg Police Department was dispatched over the weekend to the Dollar General on South Locust Avenue where the manager informed officers that a male suspect came into the store where he began filling a shopping cart full of merchandise, and then left the store walking along the roadway without paying.

The responding officer reviewed the store's surveillance footage of the male suspect where the female officer then left the store to try to locate the suspect who was found pushing a Dollar General shopping cart at New Hope Apartments.

The officer witnessed the suspect at the apartment's dumpster area ditching the shopping cart as he retrieved bags full of merchandise, and as the officer put her Patrol vehicle in park the suspect began to flee the scene on foot ignoring the officer's commands to stop.

A foot pursuit began where at one point the suspect attempted to run at the officer in a threatening manner where the officer then pulled out her gun giving the suspect commands to stop as well as to remove his hands out of his pockets, and to get on ground.

The suspect continued to ignore the officer's commands where he began running in the direction away from the officer again, and at this point the officer was approached by a good samaritan who offered to watch the female officer's back until backup arrived.

After the suspect was located the officer attempted to place the man under arrest where the suspect began resisting the officer, and with help from the good samaritan the officer was able to place handcuffs on the suspect where he was detained until backup arrived.

The male suspect was arrested on charges of shoplifting, and resisting arrest where he was transported to the Lawrence County jail.

The shopping cart along with the stolen merchandise was returned to the store where the merchandise was deemed destroyed/damaged in the rain resulting in a total loss of $255.10.



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