Center Point Fire and Rescue released the following information and photos:

"At approximately 6 pm last night, during the middle of our Hamburger Steak Fundraiser, Center Point Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a chicken barn fire located on Newton Road. Director 1 was first on scene and reported 60% of the structure involved with 40% collapsed.

Due to the structure being over 16,000 square feet and a 7-mile round trip for the nearest water supply, a “county all call” was issued for tanker support. The first arriving engine from Center Point began immediate suppression efforts. After consulting with Aviagen, firefighting efforts were directed towards containing the fire to the structure, limiting potential run-off, and cooling the two 1000-gallon propane tanks on site.

We received tremendous support from our neighboring departments, surrounding counties, and local utilities. Southeast, Crossroads, Leoma, Iron City, Gandy, New Prospect, Lexington Al, Lawrenceburg, and Lawrence County EMS responded to the scene with tankers and manpower. Giles County Fire & Rescue responded to New Prospect to stand by with a tanker. Thompson Gas responded and was able to disconnect and move the two propane tanks a safe distance from the structure along with assisting with the removal of other hazards. We cannot thank these organizations enough for assisting us.

As it was mentioned earlier, we were in the midst of our first fundraiser of the year. When the call came out 3 members were cut loose to respond with others staying to continue cooking and serving food. If there was ever an illustration of why we should not have to fundraise, this is it. Because of the call other people stepped up to help and we need to acknowledge them here. First is our wives and kids who were helping even before the call came out. (Let’s be honest, they were already running the show!) Second, is “Red” McDow and Road Superintendent Ryan Krick, both of whom stepped in to cook. Last but not least is Ray McDonald. Ray is a long-time member of New Prospect who was enjoying a meal supporting one of his fellow departments. Ray didn’t hesitate to put his fork down, take our tanker to the scene, and operate it for the duration of the fire.

Our members, who had already been at the department for at least 6 hours prepping for the fundraiser, spent a further 6 hours on scene. They will be back at the department today cleaning up and ensuring the equipment used last night is ready to respond to the next emergency.'