Road repairs are top priority for Mayor and City Council

LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. – Mayor Blake Lay and the City Council have prioritized road repairs across the City, recognizing the role that well-maintained roads play in ensuring the safety of residents.


In a step towards addressing this concern, the City is actively working on securing a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to develop a comprehensive plan for road repair and maintenance. This plan will provide clear insights into which streets are slated for improvement and the anticipated project timelines.


The City is prepared to initiate 'grind and overlay' procedures on several streets as soon as the comprehensive plan is finalized. This approach demonstrates the commitment of the City to expedite the much-needed repairs, ensuring smoother and safer travel for all residents.


Roads within the City are categorized into three conditions: those in relatively good shape, those requiring a grind and overlay, and those in need of complete reconstruction from the gravel up. The City recognizes the importance of addressing each category effectively to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable approach to road maintenance.


To kickstart these efforts, the City plans to perform major grind and overlay work during the upcoming summer. Additionally, the council will establish an annual budget for paving work to guarantee consistent progress in road infrastructure improvement year after year.