Search for missing Tennessee man. James Wray, enters day 7.

James Wray who is from the Wildersville Community in Henderson County was last seen
on surveillance footage at Fat man's gas station on the Decatur county/ Perry county line on Tuesday February 6th around 10:30a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Wray is 5'7 , about 165 lbs, last seen wearing a brown and black hat, a dark grey pullover, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. He has flame tattoos on his forearms.

The family have been chasing several leads where Wray has been spotted in and around the Centerville area, 230/100, and Morgan Creek Road. All sightings seem to suggest he either walked 100 thru linden to Centerville and may have taken those mentioned roads. The family states that they are not confirmed sightings but we are happy to follow up and check into ANY possible sighting.

Wray could be anywhere by now and the family is asking for the public's help by keeping an eye out and if you are able to take a picture to confirm or not the sighting would be extremely helpful.

According to the family Wray is harmless, just lost and confused where he may possibly be experiencing a mental health issue and they just want to bring him home.

Please contact the Sheriff's Department if you have seen him.The PCSO ask for the public to please check trail or ring type cameras.