Lawrence County deputies are being hailed as heroes tonight after they resuscitate a non responsive man inside the jail.
It unfolds Sunday morning around 1:45 am.
That's when a 53 year old inmate has been complaining of chest pains.
The man is brought in a wheel chair to the front.
While there, he has a major coronary event forcing the jail staff to take extraordinary measures to save his life.
Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers tells News 2, he does not think the prisoner would have lived if not for his quick thinking deputies.
Myers says, "I'm no doctor, but no, I do not think he would have survived."
News 2 has obtained video inside the jail that shows the dramatic action.
You an see the prisoner in distress, clutching his chest, grimacing in discomfort.
You can see the deputies, starting with Derek Finger try and make him more comfortable. The deputy brings the shirtless man a blanket to keep him warm.
Deputy Finger says, "We did what we are trained to do and we just reacted."
Dewana Brewer is also instrumental in the life saving effort.
"It all just happened so fast."
Video shows Brewer take his pulse. And when he loses consciousness, Brewer says the man had no pulse.
Corporal Tim McMillian can be seen on the phone. He tells News 2 he is talking to the nurse about procedures and when he passes out, he calls dispatch and orders an ambulance to the jail.
McMillian says, "I am trained in CPR. We are all trained in CPR."
Deputy Aly Keeton is also seen on video listening to the man's heart with a stethoscope.
"My main function in this was to take down what happened exactly when it happened," she says.
Approximately 8 minutes into the video, the prisoner, serving a one year sentence for violation of probation, goes unconscious.
The deputies quickly put him on the floor and begin rendering CPR.
Dewana Brewer is animated as she jumps down and begins rapid and vigorous chest compressions on the man.
The man is revived.
But after a few minutes, he will lose consciousness a second time.
Again, Deputy Brewer jumps into life saving mode, vigorously compressing his chest.
When asked what might have happened without the deputies, Brewer said, "It definitely would not have been good."
Video shows EMS arriving a little before 2 am.
The man is loaded on the gurney and taken to the hospital.
In the video you can see a sense of relief and satisfaction as Brewer fist pumps other deputies celebrating the significant life moment they all just shared.
Brewer says, "We feel proud about it. We got to take care of him the same way we would anyone else."
The sheriff adds, "I'm a proud sheriff. When you see your people react like they did, and you see the professionalism."
According to the jail staff, they haven't been able to speak to the inmate yet because he is still in the hospital.
Other prisoners aware of what happened have reportedly thanked the deputies for their actions.
Thursday morning, the Lawrence County sheriff's department recognized the deputies for their heroic life saving actions.