Maury County Fire Department Swift Water Team was dispatched over the weekend after a man in a pickup truck was swept away at a lower water crossing that had became a swift river due heavy rainfall.



According to the Maury County Fire Department their units with their swift water equipment was dispatched on Saturday around 4:40 p.m. to Rally Hill Road with reports of a water rescue where mutual aid was provided by Spring Hill Fire Department, Maury County Office Of Emergency Management, Maury Regional EMS, Maury County Sherriff’s Department, Spring Hill Police Department, and a representative from the Franklin Fire Department also responded.

Units arrived to find that a man in a pickup truck had attempted to drive through a low water crossing that typically has a small amount of water, but with the heavy rainfall had become a swift river.

The responding units discovered that the man was trapped on top of his truck which had been swept away approximately 150 yards down stream where units positioned multiple teams down stream on both sides of the river, and used chain saws to access the rivers edge.

The man was safely rescued after 5 swift water technicians launched an inflatable raft from the roadway where they traveled to the truck, and a life jacket was then placed on the man before putting him inside the raft that was then pulled to shore by SHFD members.

Luckily after EMS check out the male victim it was reported that other than being cold the man was uninjured in the accident.

Photo Credit: Maury County Fire Department.



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