Woman reports being robbed inside her home just before Christmas

Lawrenceburg Police officers opened an investigation last weekend after a Lawrenceburg woman reported she was robbed by two acquaintances inside of her home.

Officers responded to the First Avenue home where they spoke with the thirty-six year old victim at around 9:30 p.m.

She reported that an acquaintance and her boyfriend had been at her home for a visit earlier. She said that she was walking toward her bedroom when the man came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck.

She said while he held her, her female acquaintance grabbed the money and suboxone medication that she kept in her bra. She said that the man threw her down on her bed and held her there while the woman snatched her purse from a kitchen chair and escaped from the house.

She said that the man let her up after a few minutes. She said he ran out the door, then held it closed while the woman got into a nearby car.

He then ran and got into the car and the pair drove away. Although the victim was acquainted with the woman, she told officers she had never seen the man before. Loss in the case was estimated to be $98.

At the time reports were filed investigation in the matter wason-going through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division




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