Homeless man garners meth charges

Drug charges were brought against a homeless man Christmas Eve after he was found to have discarded methamphetamine in order to avoid detection by a police officer.Reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police Department indicate that the man was spotted by an officer on patrol just before 8:00 a.m., walking in the vicinity of Hoover Street and Maple Avenue.

The officer reports that, once he spotted him, the man concealed himself in the back yard of a Hoover Street home. As he approached, the officer notes that the homeowner was standing on the front porch. He told the officer that no one was supposed to be in his yard.

At that point the officer notes that the man, identified as thirty-six year old Novodny Bikel Young, came around the corner of the residence, asking the officer if he could borrow a lighter. The officer questioned Young about the reason he was in the resident’s back yard. He walked around to check.

When he got to the spot where he had seen Young, he reports that he found that approximately 9.5 grams of methamphetamine had been discarded there. Young told the officer that the meth did not belong to him, but also said that it did not belong to the homeowner.

Young was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center without incident. He was booked under a charge of possession of Schedule II narcotics (meth) for the purpose of resale. He has been scheduled an initial appearance in General Sessions Court on February 1, 2019




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