Police officers investigate stolen property cases

Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department have initiated investigations after hearing complaints by local residents this week regarding stolen property. On Sunday, officers were summoned to a home on Fourth Street where the resident reported his pistol had been stolen.

He said that he had a visitor in his home a few days prior. He said that when the man left, he stole his Bryco Arms “Jennings 9” nickel-plated pistol from his table. The victim told officers that the visitor returned the following day and that he had confronted him about the theft. He said the man offered to give him some money.

He told the man he was not interested in money, but that he wanted his gun returned. The value of the gun was said to be $200. As of the time reports were filed, he had not been able to recover it.

Officers were called to Federal Mogul on Helton Drive Tuesday where they spoke to a resident of Jasper, Alabama. The man reported that, while his 2007 Chevy Impala was parked outside of David Crocket Motel, located at 503 East Gaines Street, someone had stolen his license plate. He said that he had been unaware of the theft until a co-worker informed him that his plate was missing.

Anyone who has information about either crime is encouraged to contact the police department at 931-762-2276.




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