Vehicle stolen from car lot is found in Crockett Park

A vehicle that was stolen from a car lot in Lawrenceburg was found in David Crockett State Park earlySaturday. Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were dispatched to speak with employees of Four Sons Auto on North Locust Avenue a little after 9:00 Saturday morning.

They said that someone had stolen a 2002 Chevy Avalanche, valued at around $6,000, off of the lot sometime the night before. They said the keys to the vehicle had gone missing earlier in the week right after a couple took another vehiclefor a test drive. A tracking device alerted them to the fact that the vehicle had been taken to Crockett Park, near the tennis courts and playground.

They arrived to find that it was empty and that the doors had been locked. Since the truck had been taken into the park at around 6:00 that morning, park officials were able to identify whose passcode had been used. They said it belonged to a man and woman who were staying at one of the campgrounds. Officers approached the couple’s campsite, but before they said anything, they report that the man asked whether they were going to jail. He told them that he had taken the truck the previous night and they drove it to Nashville.

He also said that the woman he was camping with was not involved in the crime. The man, twenty-year-old Stanley Dale Bean, who is homeless, was arrested for theft over $1,000 and taken to the Lawrence County Jail for booking. He has been given a General Sessions court date of November 2, 2018.


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