Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Home burglaries under investigation through Lawrenceburg PD

Lawrenceburg Now
Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were asked to initiate investigations into a couple of recent home burglaries.
On Saturday, officers were called to 343 Geri Street where the sixty-six year old resident reported she had left her apartment to walk her dog, then returned to find someone exiting her home. She told officers that she had only left briefly and had therefore left her door unlocked.
The resident reported that she knew the woman who was coming out of the apartment, and that she was carrying a black duffle bag. She said she noticed some items lying on the front porch and in the grass, but that they did not appear to belonging to her. She said that she had previously warned the woman not to come back to her home.
The victim said that when she entered her apartment she noticed that her driver’s license had been removed from her wallet and was lying on the kitchen counter. She found her wallet lying on her bed, with $35 missing. She said her bedroom had been rummaged through and several items were missing. She was missing two Toshiba tablets, a PS 2 gaming system, a green Game Boy, a Samsung phone charger, and per prescription medication. She estimated her loss to be around $300.
In a separate incident, officers responded to a home on First Street. A neighbor reported that he had been keeping an eye on the property next door since his friend had passed away. He said he noticed the garage door was rolled up, walked over to investigate, and found that the home had been burglarized.
The complainant said that someone had gained entry through a window on the west side of the residence, then stole a Cub Cadet lawnmower. Officers found that a window pane had been knocked out of another door, allowing the burglar to reach inside and unlock it.

A window pane had also been broken in a door that allowed entry to the living quarters. Reports indicate that two entertainment centers had been moved away from walls and the TVs had been stolen.  Loss and damages totaled around $650.
These cases currently remain under investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone who has information about either crime should contact the department at 931-762-2276.


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