Resident finds stranger in back yard

A Lawrenceburg resident filed a complaint with law enforcement officers on Sunday after he found a stranger walking around in his back yard and a piece of his property missing.

The victim, a sixty-eight year old resident of South Military Avenue, spoke with Lawrenceburg Police officers at around 12:20 p.m. He said that he had been away from his house briefly.

When he returned henoticed there was a strange man walking around in his back yard, close to the back door. He also noticedthat an end table had been moved into the yard and that the matching table was missing from his back porch.

A neighbor reported seeing two men walking in the area in recent days. He was able to give officers their names. Although they attempted to make contact with the men, reports show that officers were unable to do so at that time. Loss was estimated to be $50

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